Wednesday, 1 April 2009

No need for the Cambridge Blues

Not for nothing have I been dubbed Jesus 'Twinkle-toes' John. Verily, I am the Vince Cable of the beer blogging world.

Ok, in truth I have two left feet. But dancing is a necessity if one is marrying in Luxembourg - that first waltz is make or break as far as many of the locals are concerned (one wrong step and auntie Irma will be muttering about my inadequacy - thank god they have decent brews).

My fiancee took pity, enrolling us on a dance course. Taking our places along with those beguiled by Brucie's patter of a Saturday night has been humbling - I'm not god's gift. I therefore extend all possible gratitude, then, to Dom and Mel - kind hearts who have ferried us to and from the lessons in their trusty Rover. By return of favour, we were happy to offer them a pint at one of our favourite pubs, the Cambridge Blue.

This especially ale-friendly tavern (featured in our inaugural Pubcast) has been buoyed of late by a fleet of superb Dark Star beers. Michael, a friend and straight-talking beer hound of the premier league, has a Beer Rule No. 1 - never pass on a Dark Star beer. Three pints later, I can vouch for that; this brewery consistently blends hoppy abandon with malt of superior quality, whether we're talking the sublime Hophead or the innovative and suppably enriching Espresso Stout. Helluva brewery.

Afraid this post doesn't get more intellectual than that - the moral of the story is simply never walk by a Dark Star brew. Basic, really.


Artist formerly known as Wurst said...

May Christ's love be with you on your journey.

Tandleman said...

Dark Star, like Crouch Vale is so good it should be in the North. Can't say fairer than that.

Oh. And ballroom dancing made a man of... someone. Not me.

jesusjohn said...

...ballroom dancing is not my No. 1 idea of fun, but I have to say the class is a mixed bunch and we're (pretty much) as useless as each other. To that end it's not a bad way to have a laugh.

Tandleman: totally with you on Crouch Vale, too - outstanding stuff. Though the relocation of both breweries to the North is not, I'm led to believe, on the cards.

Bailey said...

I think your mate's rule is spot on and, yes, I'd support extending it to cover Crouch Vale (especially Brewer's Gold).

Michael G Dale said...

Rule no 1 came into play last thursday at the Cambridge Blue. However, Jesus John, who you may guess is no agnostic, preached of the goodness of the White Horse Black Horse Porter. We drank deeply and verily it was good.