Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A mean time with Meantime Pale Ale

Meantime London Pale Ale was on cask at The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell, last night. It was a pleasurable beer totally suited to spring, with a golden body, thick malty texture and floral hoppy finish. Textbook.

Given Meantime's (in my view mistaken) reluctance to embrace cask as a way of broadening its customer base - in addition to its keg offering - this was a bit of a coup for Gunmakers landlord and beer writer Jeffrey Bell (pictured right).

He is a fine host and looked most dapper last night, though if I were him I'd lay off making offensive gestures to the punters. Especially just two days ahead of the Budget.

The jesusjohn legal team would like to point out that whatever Jeff is doing here, it was not an 'offensive gesture'. He blogs here.

PS - these headlines will continue to be pun-led. You have been warned.

PPS - thanks to fellow blogger Tandleman, who points out this beer will be on cask at JDW pubs as part of their International Real Ale Festival.Whether you'd want to go to a JDW pub just for this beer is another matter (I wouldn't myself) but those without a decent 'proper' pub nearby might like to take a punt.


Tandleman said...

Umm. Glad you enjoyed it, but is this the same cask Meantime London Pale Ale that's been on sale since last Wednesday, "exclusively" by JDW in their latest beer fest?

It is mentioned here: http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/promotions/2009-international-real-ale-festival/

jesusjohn said...

'Exclusive to all newspapers!!'

That's the one. Like the tasting notes, too.

I don't want to put anyone off going to JDW to try it - Tandleman has written about their commitment to ale innovation and I can't objectively disagree on that level - but I do find their pubs sterile and lifeless in the extreme.

Dodging the Damian McBride-a-likes hovering over discounted Ruddles has never been my idea of fun.

(Note - this is a subjective view based on my own experience in the south east and *not* to be treated as either ill-thought out prejudice or gospel truth. I could do without a sterile and lifeless debate about JDW...)

Tandleman said...

Well I'm off to London to my Southern abode later today. I'll try and track it down. I'll be in the Crosse Keys Friday teatime.That is neither sterile nor lifeless.

Tandleman said...

The beer that is, not my southern abode. I reckon I know where that is.

jesusjohn said...

'my Southern abode'...

...the international man of mystery has a swish playboy pad!

Have a good time down here in the smoke. We've certainly laid on the weather for you. It's gorgeous.

Jeffrey said...

I don't look too bad in that photo but I'm still a few pounds overweight. Less beer more running methinks!

Absolutely disinterested in entering into a convo about Wetherspoons. My views are clear. Their outlets appeal to some people, and really that's a good thing - keeps them out of good pubs and away from me!