Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Porter-way to have a good time

So we were in the pub last night, Matt and myself that is. The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell, was celebrating St Patrick's Day in the only way it knows how - by lining up a jovial Dubliner to serve an anti-papist porter.

Harveys of Lewes is a terrific brewery and produces, arguably, the finest best bitter there is - all floral hops carried on a solid malt body. Their porter doesn't skimp on those characteristic floral notes, but is loaded with chocolate malt, as you might expect from a richly dark porter/stout.

So we had a few of those. The Gunmakers, winningly, also has wi-fi; if Matt (pictured) looks hard at work, that's because he is - signing up a techno-sceptic jesusjohn to Twitter. This blog now has a Twitterpub wall on the left sidebar - if I'm in a pub I like, wish to evangelise about a beer or want to get the word out about a terrific off-licence, I'll use this to spread the news double-pronto.

Hopefully, this will excise a lot of beery guff from the main posts (myriad blogs are better at the forensic dissection of beer flavour - and comments such as 'at 7.5%, this beer must be treated with respect', or 'of course, this is just a rebadged Welder's Daughter' I'll leave to others).


Mark said...

The Gunmakers is a cool pub, I try and go when I can - I love drinking in Clerkenwell generally, there are some super pubs.

And a good pint of porter is a fine thing indeed. I haven't had the Harvey's though - I'll keep an eye out!

jesusjohn said...

I love porters and stouts. On your blog I meant to say I'd have to swear off the pale ales and keep the dark ones - pound for pound I find them more satisfying.

That said, I wouldn't want to miss out on the likes of Jaipur IPA (which I still haven't tried on cask...)

Jeffrey said...

It's moored in Miami.