Friday, 23 October 2009

Dogged journalism

A clarifying post on the BrewDog website and a brief email exchange with MD James Watt throw up some interesting points re. Equity for Punks.

While I still rate the valuation too high in and of itself (it puts BrewDog at £25.56m) and the entry level rich at £230 per share, help is at hand for us paupers.

Up to four people can sign up for one share and all four would be 'eligible for the [20% off beer on the website for life] discount!' -
as I say, this is from the horse's mouth.

This makes investment a far more compelling proposition indeed and, assuming I can find willing partners - I have feelers out, an investment will come BrewDog's way.

Good job, lads.

Apologies to those bored to horrible tears by all word, deed, act, suggestion, marketing, press-baiting - indeed anything - BrewDog. Normal service will henceforth be resumed.


Mark said...

Now sharing a share sounds a little more tempting, plus we'll still be involved... Interesting!

Tandleman said...

And the madness spreads! I'm still keeping my bawbees in Eileen's handbag.(-;

jesusjohn said...

I genuinely respect your sang froid...but as a moderate user of the website (my wife and I don't mind a tipple at home now and again) it strikes me that, at £57.50 for a life 20 per cent discount is a no-brainer, equity or not. Pesky to find takers to go in with, though. If I don't, I shan't put in.

Tandleman said...

Guess that that's a good deal for the home drinker, or even for the occasional home drinker.

Home you find your partners.

Tandleman said...

Or hope even. That wasn't a pun.